Hello and welcome!

So you’ve got a tune that needs Mastering? Great! I’m happy to do this for you 🙂

1: Make sure the highest output level of your final mix does not exceed -3 dB FS. (FS stands for Full Scale where 0 dB is the highest possible level before distortion.) This allows room for me to add the necessary tweaks to perfect the final mix.

2: Firstly, email me your track as either a WAV or AIFF file, ideally recorded at the highest quality that you can achieve to: kminus1(@) – without the brackets “( )”. You can use this to upload large files:

3: I will then Master your track and upload 50% of the track back to your email account. If happy with the result, you can pay just £7.00 via Paypal below and then receive the complete finished Master 🙂

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Examples of audio that I’ve Mastered